• Between Stations @ Rule Gallery

    By Raymundo Munoz


    Clay Hawkley

    Well, RiNo is now minus one Rule Gallery, and that’s a sore loss. Not necessarily for Rule, though — they have a new location opening up soon on Santa Fe (and another one in Marfa, TX) and will continue showcasing the conceptual and abstract contemporary works they (and we) love. We wish them the very best.

    The aformentioned art district, however, has lost a vital member. What gallery in this art district can and will take up the slack? Who can fill the space left in Rule’s leaving? (Don’t forget the adjoined Hinterland is also shutting its doors this year) There are some contenders (Dateline, for instance), but with new developments gobbling up the area (and pushing artist havens like Wazee Union out), who really knows how much of an art district will be left?

    Change is inevitable, though, and art’s fickle mistress wrote the book on it. Transitions, though, can be messy.

    In its last move on Walnut St., Rule offers up a clever and poignant meditation on this idea with their group show “Between Stations.” Featuring Helen Alexandra, Clay Hawkley, Chris Bagley, and s.legg, the show explores the transitions society faces and the adaptations that follow. Continue reading →

  • Upcoming: Sierra Barela Solo @ Helikon Gallery

    By Raymundo Muñoz

    Sierra Barela - Four Whales and a Dolphin 1

    Opening this Saturday Sept. 10 is an intriguing solo show by Sierra Barela at Helikon Gallery, and it’s called “Four Whales and a Dolphin.” We’ve been noting Barela’s contributions to a number of group exhibitions at the gallery over the years, and her work has always nabbed our attention. Maybe it’s her super bright palette, or maybe her bold composition and subject matter. Whatever it is, her work pops. Inspired by child-like innocence, daily adult life, and her time living in Italy and Mexico, the show blends disparate elements to sharp effect. Show runs Sept. 10 to Oct. 28 with an Oct. 7 First Friday reception accompanying the opening. For more information, please visit helikongallery.com.Sierra Barela - Four Whales and a Dolphin 2

    Sierra Barela - Four Whales and a Dolphin 4

  • Upcoming: Inherent Intent @ Walker Fine Art

    By Raymundo Munoz

    "Impromptu W-2010-6-2" by Ana Zanic

    “Impromptu W-2010-6-2” by Ana Zanic

    Opening this Friday Sept. 9 at Walker Fine Art is a group show that tiptoes the line between wild spontaneity and controlled intent. As such it’s titled “Inherent Intent,” and it looks to be a smart exhibition. From bold stone carvings to blooming watercolors, the show flows from artist to artist thanks to minimal color palettes. Udo Noger, Mel Rea, Vanessa Clark, Ana Zanic, Chris Richter, Liz Quan, and Jessica Drenk all lend their sizeable talents to the mix. Show runs Sept. 9 to Nov. 5 with First Friday receptions on Oct. 7 and Nov. 4 accompanying the opening. Artists in attendance. For more information, please visit www.walkerfineart.com.

    Inside of the Out XIV - 22 x 30- ink, acrylic on paper

    “Inside of the Out XIV” by Mel Rea


    “Reveal 323” by Chris Richter

    gleichlos 9 2015 40 x 56in un 1080

    “Gleichlos 9” by Udo Noger

    Vanessa Clarke_Fusion21x14x27

    “Fusion” by Vanessa Clarke

  • Upcoming: Drew Sarka’s “Colorado Through the Seasons” @ Dos Chappell Bathhouse

    By Raymundo Muñoz

    Continental Divide 30x40

    “Continental Divide” by Drew Sarka


    Art-making is a hard gig. When it’s flowing out of you and you’re selling, it’s thrilling and life-affirming, but shut those valves, and it’s gut-wrenching and bleak. Some artists manage to survive off those highs and lows, but many of us HAVE to have day jobs (that mean little to us) to support our creative drive (and feed our kids and pay the rent). Others give up altogether, though, and choose to float down the lazy river of a good, steady career.

    A mythical breed of artists, though, exists: imagine having a good, steady, meaningful career but still finding time to make and show and hustle.

    One such artist is local painter Drew Sarka. Continue reading →

  • Denver Comic Con 2016

    By Raymundo Muñoz

    Brandt Peters and Kathy Olivas signing books at Sally Centigrade Gallery's booth

    Brandt Peters and Kathy Olivas signing books at Sally Centigrade Gallery’s booth

    While most visitors to Denver Comic Con 2016 got to shuffle around at a snail’s pace from booth to booth, I got to spend a couple days with Sally Centigrade Gallery and their special guests Oregon artist Betty Turbo and pop surreal artists and Stranger Factory co-owners Brandt Peters and Kathy Olivas. Continue reading →

  • Not Unexpected Anymore: Arna Miller and Tripper Dungan @ Sally Centigrade Gallery

    By Raymundo Muñoz


    Opening Thursday May 19 at Sally Centigrade Gallery is “Not Unexpected Anymore,” a two-person show featuring local Arna Miller and Portland, Oregon’s Tripper Dungan. Arna is best known for her hilarious screenprints, which often depict animals engaged in strange acts. Her work can easily be mistaken for vintage circus/magician posters, if not for the anachronistic details and wry commentary replacing the expected advertised information. Spot-on typography seals the deal. As for Tripper, if you didn’t catch his show last year with local Mike Graves, you’re in for a treat. His bright, colorful, tripped-out characters enhanced with 3-D glasses are always a crowd favorite (We gushed about his work last time around, which you can read here). It’s not unexpected for Sally Centigrade to bring you a show of this nature, and that’s a good thing. For more information, please visit Sally Centigrade and https://www.facebook.com/events/868109179961714/


    Arna Miller


    Tripper Dungan

    Continue reading →

  • Upcoming: Altering Natural Perceptions @ Walker Fine Art

    By Raymundo Muñoz

    op4 (1)

    “Object Permanence 4” by Kellie Canon

    Walker Fine Art has a new show opening this Friday May 20, and it’s called “Altering Natural Perceptions.” Featuring works from Lee Harkin, Derrick Breidenthal, Kellie Cannon, Karin Schminke, Don Quade, Norman Epp, and Bonny Lhotka, it’s a lovely and tasteful presentation that explores various natural experiences altered in some way via media or stylistic approaches. That’s a mouthful, but a tasty one when you consider some of the talent on show. Take for instance, Cannon’s use of oxidized steel plates as ink matrix for her rich intaglio monoprints, serving as an exploration on permanence and mutability. Or Lhotka’s digital photographic collage that layers images of nature like a dream, fleeting and fading. “Altering Natural Perceptions” opens Friday May 20 5 – 9 PM and runs through July 9. For more information, please visit: www.walkerfineart.com . Continue reading →

  • Upcoming: Repeat Offenders: Works by Sharon Brown @ Pattern Shop Studio

    By Raymundo Muñoz

    Sharon Brown, Creators - Yoshitomo Saito, 2014, oil on canvas, 36 x 28 in

    “Yoshitomo Saito” by Sharon Brown

    Opening First Friday June 3 at Pattern Shop Studios is “Repeat Offenders: Works by Sharon Brown,” a clever portrait show with some guts to it. Brown assembles a selection of works from her long-running “Creators” series — wherein she paints black and white portraits of artists based on color photographs — and from her “Damage” series — wherein she paints color portraits of criminals based on small black and white photographs — to potent effect. Although each series works well enough on its own, the combination here is intriguing in the contrasts presented as well as in the similarities, raising questions about the sometimes offensive nature of art as well as the order/chaos dynamic in general. “Repeat Offenders” opens First Friday June 3 from 6 – 9 PM and concludes First Friday August 5. For more information, please visit: patternshopstudio.com.

    Sharon Brown, Damage - Fisher, 2000, oil on canvas 20 x 20 in

    “Fisher” by Sharon Brown



  • Kaitlin Ziesmer: High Fives and Hugs @ Lowbrow Denver

    By Raymundo Muñoz


    Opening this Friday May 6 is Denver resident Kaitlin Ziesmer’s “High Fives and Hugs,” a show we’ve been anticipating for months. Featuring a big new batch of the colorful characters she’s so good at concocting, “High Fives and Hugs” is Kaitlin’s debut solo exhibition at the Broadway gallery and retail space (and a good fit for her style and subject matter). Ziesmer is coming off a steady stream of showings at various venues throughout town, most recently at Sally Centigrade, Alto, and Point Gallery. If you need a pick-me-up, this show is for you.

    For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/201651383551993/ 

  • Trinity: Valerie Savarie, Katie Hoffman, Claudia Roulier, and Kim Anderson @ CORE New Art Space

    By Raymundo Muñoz


    Valerie Savarie

    Opening Thursday May 5 at Core New Art Space is “Trinity,” a show that has nothing to do with North Americans celebrating Mexican history by drinking margaritas. Celebration is still in order, however, when you consider the talented roster of Valerie Savarie, Katie Hoffman, Claudia Roulier, and Kim Anderson. Each artist explores religious and cultural trinities in her own signature way. Altogether evocative imagery, ancient symbols, and mixed media approaches yield a warm, enchanting, and mysterious collective vision that should touch viewers no matter where they’re from.

    “Trinity” opens May 5, followed by a May 6 First Friday showing, and an Artists’ Reception the following Friday May 13. For more information please visit corenewartspace.com. Continue reading →